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Hydrogen Fuel Injection

Hydrogen fuel injection is the process of splitting water via electrolysis and putting the resultant HHO gas into the car's intake system to supplement the gasoline or diesel fuel that is burned. The term "hydrogen fuel injection" is often used by the National Hydrogen Association and other large organization since there are two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom that result in a clean burn.

Hydrogen Fuel Injection

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The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) has endorsed three member organization that manufacture hydrogen fuel injection systems. Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company, HyPower Fuel, Incorporated, Hy-Drive Technologies are all members of the NHA and also have hydrogen fuel injection products on the marketplace.

The Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company is perhaps the largest of these companies with service to both the U. S. and Canada. Other company not on the NHA list is another Canadian company called Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies who has gotten an order to place their hydrogen fuel injection (HFI) units in a group of British Columbia school buses.

Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies is also working with the South Korea government to put over 100,000 hydrogen fuel injection devices inside large trucks to help cut down on pollution in Seoul and other outlying areas.

Hydrogen fuel injection is real, its clean and its happening now. There's no time like the present to put one of these hydrogen gas savers into your car today.












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