The Truth About Water Car Scams

Look at everything around you. Can you see water-fueled car ads anywhere? Perhaps, they used to be a great buzz. Online, there were a lot of advertisements proclaiming insights on how to “Run Your Car on Water”, and (consequently) Google has begun blocking those ads. The theory is that all ads about water-fueled cars are scams used to make people buy gadgets that actually don’t work.

gallery-1432241727-water-droplets-car-hoodHowever, there’s a problem, the issue is that most water car generators (which are typically called hydrogen generators or HHO gas generators) actually do work! There are a lot of novices out there, thinking about this – confusing hydrogen fuel cells, with HHO generators; yet there are legitimate businesses that sell e-books on hydrogen-on-demand generators, discussing how to make them, by yourself.

The critics usually state the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as a sort of evidence that an HHO generator does not work. There are people who appeared in public to confirm that this kind of device really does work, though the results are too small to gauge. Those who advocate the running cars using water technology, are starting to outstrip critics. Can you recall a time when there were a number of global warming supporters & naysayer around? Just as with the supporters of global warming, the pendulum also swings in favor of advocates for the HHO generator.

Now, let’s talk about the reason behind this swing. The result has become favorable for advocates of the HHO generator, because there is overwhelming proof that HHO generator work. The Department of Transportation of the United States, NASA, as well as, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (located in Pasadena, California), released the documents & papers declaring that hydrogen fuel injection does exist – and that the technology has the means for practical use.