Cars Fuelled By Air

Before, you probably would not believe that there’s a car that runs on fresh air. People are just so used to cars running on fuel, but with the environment suffering from exhausted resources, it’s time to look for alternative fuel. That is where the idea of cars running on water or air comes to mind, for some innovative people. For years, there have already been plenty of innovations that offers alternative fuel, but most cars still run on expensive gas, and are subjected to the typical debt instruments & services of the car industry, like IC Services; to find out more about the debt related aspects, go to websites revolving around credit repair.

It seems, though, there is a new solution to energy, and that is, a car that runs on fresh air. Information is currently circulating on the web that a car that runs on fresh water is capable of hitting 111mph (with water coming out of the exhaust). People can soon buy this new innovation, but only if they can afford it. It seems this new invention is quite revolutionary, and so is the price to experience driving a fresh air-fueled car.

Simply imagining the concept of this car running on fresh air, you can already see the numerous benefits. Instead of your car spewing out an obnoxious mixture of deadly chemicals and particulates, like hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. – you get water that is so pure that you can drink it. Yes, it does sound like science fiction to a lot of people’s ears, but this is the remarkable state of technology we have the privilege of witnessing. What the future may hold for a car like this, in terms of the debt financing industry or debt instruments, can be previewed at

The car that runs on fresh air, is said to appear later this year – it is called the Toyota Mirai, with ‘mirai’ a Japanese word for ‘future’. The Mirai does not use petrol or diesel fuel, to run; instead, it is powered up with the world’s most common element – hydrogen. And since it runs on fresh air, people can drive around without having to spend money on petrol!

How does it work? In order to get the car running, the hydrogen gas is inserted to the car’s tank (similar to when you use a petrol pump). Then, the car utilizes the wonders of fuel cell, a chemical reaction happens in the air between hydrogen and oxygen, which then converts it to electricity. This electricity is what powers the car, and allows you to drive around on fresh air. What’s even better, is that the by-product of the process, is only water!

It seems like Mirai provides a great potential in opening the world to a great future. With the incredible technology that Mirai operates, it is not surprising how others like Ford, Honda and Nissan – started exploring the technology. The fact is that, when the time comes when all motor vehicles began running on hydrogen alone, the traffic pollution in the cities will diminish dramatically. People would no longer have problem with the annoying traffic that always ruin their day. This ingenious invention may also drive the price of auto financing downward; the website, can further demonstrate ways to reduce debt dramatically.

Traffic congestion is a major problem in many countries. The amount of traffic, everyday, impedes on people’s schedules, making them lose time that could be better spent elsewhere. Businesses also suffers, because individuals often come to work late, deliveries get delayed, plus the overall headache from being on the road. But when traffic is gone (as a result from the efficiency of cars that runs on fresh air), traffic will move much more smoother & quickly.

Apart from improved traffic, another advantage of the Mirai car, is that there will be no demand for diesel and petrol; this way, people would no longer be reliant on other countries, when it comes to fuel or petroleum oil.

Of course, there are also some down sides to this innovation. In this case, the first issue would be the cost. At this very moment, given their novelty, hydrogen cars are still quite expensive. As for the Mirai, it is said to go on sale for $92,000 – an amount that not many people have. But as time progress these prices will undoubtedly drop to more competitive prices.

The next problem is: Where, exactly, can one fill up their car? In order to get your car running, you need to fill it up at the nearest hydrogen refilling station (closest to your place), but (as of now) there only 12 stations in UK (though there are some some predictions that, by 2020, there could already be 65 stations and that it would probably cost you $95 to fill up your car!

There’s still a long way to go before this car fully comes into vogue – nonetheless, its pros outweighs its cons, and as such, makes too much sense to incorporate this vehicle (and its technology) into every day life!