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Run Your Car On Water

This run your car on water informational guide is dedicated to separating fact from fiction. There are so many run your car on water scams right now that put a black eye on the legitimate businesses, that I've decided to put up a website to clarify the industry and lessen confusion.

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Run Your Car on Water
Run Your Car on Water

The easily way to start the conversion is to talk about the run your car on water scams first. There are two types of scammers that I see on the Internet. The first type of run your car on water scammer has a willful disregard for the truth. The second type is blissfully ignorant of the facts, wants to make a quick buck and throws up a website filled with myths and egregious factual errors.

Both of these types of people hurt the run your car on water industry at large. Now let's talk about what "run your car on water" actually and realistically means. It simply means running your internal combustion engine (gasoline or diesel) partly on water.

If a run your car on water site is talking about running a vehicle 100-percent water with no other means of powering the vehicle, then this is a scam. There is no free lunch, there is no free energy, there is no perpetual motion machines that exist. This would violate the laws of thermodynamics.

Instead, however, you can partially run your vehicle on water. This is done through basic electrolysis. Water is electrolyzed with an electrical current from the car's battery or alternator and the H2O turns into HHO gas. This HHO gas is then pushed or pulled into the car's intake system where it will burn along with the gasoline inside the cylinders.

The mere fact of introducing gasoline with HHO gas means less gasoline if used. This means lower emission and increase gasoline mileage. The HHO gas that is burned is cleaner than gasoline and the only emissions from HHO is a little water vapor or H2O.

This kind of technology has been around for decades. Scientists in the 1700s and 1800s were experimenting with electrolysis methods. In the 1960s, William A. Rhodes patented a method for creating HHO gas. In the 1970s, Yull Brown applied for a similar patent. Both Rhodes and Brown's HHO technology has been used in the welding industry for years.

The prestigious National Hydrogen Association also endorses the same technology by another name, "hydrogen fuel injection" systems calling them an exciting emerging technology.

Thousands of cars, trucks and vehicles are using these hydrogen fuel injection systems right now with positive results in regard to reducing emissions and increasing gas mileage.

The trick to this whole process right now, however, is to separate the legitimate businesses from the non-legitimate businesses. And, that is what I will try to do with the rest of the pages on this run your car on water guide. The fakes outnumber the real deal unfortunately, so a little education can go a long way.












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